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Our Incubation Formula

We, in Angel.ID, understand that funding is not the only need of a new startup. What more important is the know-how; especially related to innovation process to search for the right product and the business model as well as knowledge and practice for building a sustainable business.

Therefore, leveraging our extensive experience in incubation, innovation process and tech-company development, we set up A-Incubator.




  1. Founders/Market Fit

    Don’t rush. We will first make sure that the business is right for you and your partners.

  2. Problem/Solution Fit

    Ok, so we have agreed that the idea is interesting, but do customers agree? Will they use and pay for the product?

  3. Product-Launch Fit

    Tons of insights and ideas have arised after exploring the customers. Which one should be implemented first? How will we develop it? How to acquire early adopters?

  4. Product/Market Fit

    Early adopters have been successfuly activated. What should we do now to retain and convert them into paying-customers?


Offline and/or Online Incubation Program

We provide office space. But you can join our incubation program without having to move to Bandung. We leverage our innovation management application so any startup from every cities in Indonesia can join our incubation program, without having to compromise the quality of the process.


[ANGEL ON 12: Founders x Angel Investors Networking Event]

Hi startup founders!

If you believe your idea can change the world or deliver important values to your target users, then maybe our angel investors will have that same belief too.

Angel investors invest on earlier stage compare to venture capital. Some angel investors even made investment on idea stage and actively give support to founders.

So, why don’t you introduce your startup or idea to not only 1, but 12 angel investors? We’ll make it much easier for you to reach those 12 angel investors in this Angel-on-12 event.

Register yourself at before December 4th 2019. Only selected startups will be given the chance to pitch and mingle with invited angel investors.

Mentors & Team

Founders of A-Incubator themselves will be the mentor-in-resident for our incubation program.

Indra Purnama


Experienced in tech incubation since 2009, in Indonesia and Asia Region (Lean Startup Machine, Bandung Digital Valley, BEKUP, Project BrainChild, etc). Customer Development, Lean Startup, Metrics & Strategy are among his specializations.

M. Andy Zaky


Experienced company builder. He worked with founders to build sustainable and growing tech startups. His portfolio includes Agate, Good News From Indonesia, Nuesto, LiteUp, Klinikoo, etc.

Jeffrey Samosir


Engineer turned to seasoned tech entrepreneur, mentor and investor. He started his first tech company in 1990, and has been actively support new startups as advisor and investor since then. His portfolio includes IoTERA, Kumata Studio, Sasbuzz, etc.

Rahmadayu Febrina

Journey Manager